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Service guarantee

Provide a variety of service support and guarantee to make after-sales service more prestigious for users, making cloud deployment easier and more convenient

7-day no reason refund

Arosscloud promise users to receive an unconditional refund within 7 days of purchasing a cloud server, committed to creating a better server experience environment for you.We promise a full refund within 7 days without any reason for purchasing the Arosscloud server.


1. Submit a refund request


2. Reviewed and confirmed


3. Refund to account balance


4. Repurchase/Withdrawal

Common Refund Questions

7-day unconditional refund condition

Within 7 days of new purchase you can apply for an unconditional refund;

Each user's cloud server/independent server/virtual host is limited to a maximum of one refund and a maximum of one refund can be accumulated;

Failure to sign contracts and apply for invoices;

Some promotional products do not support 7-day unconditional refunds (please refer to the promotional rules for details).

Refund process

Submit a refund request in the user center

System review passed

Refund of funds to your account

Go to the user center to view

Can I apply for a refund for renewal or upgrade orders?

Hello, renewal and upgrade orders are sub orders and cannot be refunded

If the main purchase order meets the 7-day no reason refund rule, a refund can be applied for together

10 times fault compensation

Arosscloud promises that due to Arosscloud malfunction, the product cannot be used normally. We will provide 10 times the compensation for the downtime to make your use comfortable

Contact customer service/submit work order

Technical troubleshooting and positioning issues

Quickly resolve faults

Verify the scope of compensation

Compensation of 10 times the fault time

Compensation type

Fault compensation

Due to the Arosscloud platform, your cloud server, cloud virtual host, and server hosting are completely inaccessible and cannot be used normally

Non fault class non compensable

The situation where the cloud product cannot be accessed or the IP is suspended due to user operations or attacks cannot be compensated

Operator failure cannot be compensated

Packet loss and delay caused by operator failures, losses caused by force majeure or unexpected events are not within the scope of compensation

7X24 hour multi-channel service support

A professional team of after-sales engineers will provide you with 7 * 24 * 365 technical services. If you encounter any problems during the use of Arosscloud cloud products, you can submit a work order in a timely manner

Pre sales service

The pre-sales consulting team will be dedicated to providing you with cloud product consulting, solutions, and other services

In sales services

We will equip you with a professional team of architects, providing one-on-one guidance on the entire architecture process to ensure the rapid cloud deployment of your business

after-sale service

Professional technical support is available 24/7, ensuring worry free use of your products and stable operation of your business